Sciatic pain massage relief

A few examples of massage techniques include deep tissue massage, trigger-point therapy, and neuromuscular therapy.
A massage can cause the following changes to occur in your body, easing the sciatica pain:
* Loosen and relax muscles. When your trunk, core, and lower back muscles are tight, they can apply pressure on the sciatic nerve root(s) in your lower back. Tight muscles may also get knotted up into small painful nodules, causing trigger point pain. Massage therapy can effectively stretch, loosen, and elongate these muscles, improving pain and function in your lower back and legs.2
* Facilitate the circulation of healing nutrients. Hands-on soft tissue manipulation from massage stimulates the blood vessels in your skin and deeper tissues. There is enhanced circulation of blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to the sore areas, promoting healing.
* Release endorphins. Massage stimulates specific pressure receptors in your brain, which are special nerve fibers. Stimulation of these pressure receptors helps reduce pain by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good hormone.
* Reduce stress. Stimulation of the pressure receptors also helps reduce the levels of cortisol in your body—the hormone that causes stress. Reduced stress helps provide a feeling of relaxation and relief, with a lesser perception of pain.
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Replenish Wellness Event

Replenish Wellness Event for women

Womens event, you are invited to this event to enjoy a night of GOODNESS, to inspire, empower or just simply enjoy connections & delicious food!

Replenish Wellness Event for women you will hear from these incredible genuine women who are leading in their expertise and make a difference in our community.

This gathering of women to inspire, empower, connect women to learn and grow together in their wellness journey spiritually, mentally and physically for our Replenish Wellness Event for women🙌🏼.

What to expect

💫 Inspiring, motivational and genuine Speakers

💫Creative demonstrations, Beauty & Wellness tips

💫Wellness GIVEAWAYS – VIP Adjustment | VIP Acupuncture |

1 Hour Massages | Mini Hydrate Facial | Pure Enchantment SPA Tote | Wellness

Journal | IV Therapy | The Beauty Boost 1 month Free Membership

💫 Self-care SPA tote bags, filled with hand picked curated products.

💫of course yummy food and treats!

💫And a few SURPRISES!

Mark your calendar for April 27th at 6pm! We can’t wait to see your beautiful faces.

Try Something

Whether you realize it or not, you spend the majority of your day doing things you’ve already done hundreds or thousands of times before. Very rarely do you actually try new things for the purpose of engaging a unique experience. But what if you made it a point to do exactly that? There are many benefits to doing new things – don’t cheat yourself out of them.
The benefits of trying new things are manifold:
✨Overcome Fear
✨Get to know yourself better
✨Stimulate Creativity
✨And you may discover what you are good at, your natural abilities you will love (your gift)👍🏼🙌🏼

Spring Here

Today marks the Spring equinox💐🌻🌼, which means garden time🙌🏼😊, longer sunny days, warm temperatures and new beginnings…

Enjoy the weekend and try something new or learn a new word.

We are O P E N

This week and as always, we here @zulmamassagetherapy work diligently in taking precaution to make sure your experience here is clean & sanitary as possible!

We are T H A N K F U L for your continued loyalty and understanding as we continue to provide the safest environment as possible.
We are O P E N, taking appointments 

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Keys to an exciting project

Last week we got the keys to an exciting project we’ve been working on and wanted to share with you!!!

We will be breaking through the wall 😳to add some NEW additions to our wellness Business 😉👍🏼.

The window behind me will be one of my favorite rooms and it will be your favorite too❤️

I promise to keep you updated. Follow us @zulmamassagetherapy and Checkout our story👆🏼as we share some sneak peaks on the expansion to Zulma Massage Therapy Part ll