Massage and Cancer

Massage is an ancient technique that involves manipulating muscles while using different modalities with firm pressure to the soft tissues of the body.
Massage is considered a type of complementary therapy for cancer. Complementary therapies aim to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of disease. They are used together with conventional or mainstream medicine. Complementary therapies are not used instead of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or drug therapy.
While massage doesn’t treat the cancer itself, it may help reduce the side effects caused by conventional treatments and improve quality of life and wellbeing. Individuals who have had massages during cancer treatments have reported a range of positive outcomes such as improvements in:
sleep, the health of the scar tissue,quality of life
mental clarity and alertness
the range of movement. While massage also can help reduces pain, fatigue, nausea, depression and anxiety!



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