Benefits of hot stone massage

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AHHHHH!!! Benefits of HOT STONE MASSAGE THERAPY. Perfect for this chilly weather. Its time to experience Hot Stone Massage Therapy. Stone Massage Therapy is a natural therapy in which warm stones are positioned on certain parts of the client’s body to maximize the therapeutic balanced health. It melts away tight muscles, promotes deeper muscle relaxation physically and psychological levels.

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Prenatal Masssage | for pregnant mothers

prenatal massageI love what I do!!! Especially working with Prenatal Massage! If your an expecting Mom or know someone that is pass this along. It is a healthy way to reduce stress, headaches and promote overall wellness. Massage can relief normal discomforts that are often experienced during normal pregnancy. Yes such as leg cramps, backaches, stiff neck, edema and headaches.

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Chair Massage On-Site Niederst Management

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Today at Niederst Management, I had the opportunity to come out to relieve some stress and tension for several employees with chair massages. In today’s business environment we all know stress in the workplace can lead to mental and physical strain that can ultimately impair employee’s productivity. They took time to de-stress by stepping away from their cubicles. Sitting in a chair, staying fully clothed, 10-15 minutes the length of a typical work break. It’s a very comfortable ergonomic chair for them to unwind while the stress melts away.  During the massage, the employee stays fully clothed and no oil is used. No need to change clothes. The techniques used are to focus on the upper part of the body and release tension from their neck, back, shoulders and arms ready to leave refreshed.

On-site chair massage is becoming one of the fastest growing employee’s wellness benefits that companies are offering. It is convenient, safe and very cost-effective. It boots employee’s morale and also provides valuable health benefits. Not only does massage feel good but it makes your employee’s feel good about the work they do. Employee’s often times deserve more than praise and should be recognized and appreciated for the hard work conducted on a daily basis. It will let them know you notice their dedication and commitment to doing a great job. So remember for special events, milestone celebrations, parties, or just because you care about your employee’s 10-15  chair massage will go a long way to say Thank You.

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Sports Massage Therapy | Relax tense Sport Muscles

Sports MassageHave you ever TRAINED for CROSSFIT? Crossfit is an intense exercise program featuring dynamic exercise like plyometric jumps, and Olympic lifts while using non-traditional weightlifting equipment such as kettlebells, sand-bags, suspension systems or water-filled implements. Meet my client Jen, she is training for the Crossfit Competition on April 19th! She will be running with 15lb ruck sack for 7-10miles. She came in for a Deep Tissue to relax the muscle after a heavy, intense training or workout when you feel completely spent. What a strength challenge! We’ll be rooting for ya…this girl is strong.

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LCCC Spitzer Conference Center, Health & Wellness Expo November 2013


Small to Mid size businesses getting together to show Lorain County citizens that they have local businesses to meet their needs. I was the massage therapist on site  at LCCC Spitzer Conference Center to demonstrate the benefits of massage therapy. It was great to have an opportunity to be one of the guest speakers at this Health & Wellness Expo. Also I was giving complimentary chair massages for those who stop our table.

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JoAnn DePolo Art Studio June 2013

ZMT Art Massage

It was Chair Massage time at JoAnn DePolo Art Studio . We all had a great time while being able to connect with our creative side but also take time to for a little relax massage time. It’s amazing how we can all enjoy each others creative side, something that I believe is deep with in all of us.




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