Because I needed to make a change…

After working 10 years in a cubicle, another 10 years as an office administrative/manager, I realized that my stress level was through the roof and it started to affect my health. Several years ago my husband and I had to take blood work for life insurance.  When we received our test results my cholesterol numbers were very high. Immediately, they recommended that I make an appointment with my Doctor, so that he could prescribe medication to lower my cholesterol… I refused! I had always exercised on a regular basis, but it was more than that. I did some research on how bad this could really be and it gave me a rude awakening! Strokes and heart attacks…  This is when I knew I needed to do something and decided to change my lifestyle by consistently working out, eating better and receiving Therapeutic Massages every 4 weeks! I didn’t know how stressed I was until I received my first massage! Not long after that, I caught an interest in massage therapy.  I became passionate on how massage works and how it can help people. I did my homework for this career path and learned more about how massage therapy can maximize the health through different treatments. I went back to school and registered for an advance 1-year program, which was very intense, and I finished successfully with a license by the state medical board and 2 certifications in sport massage and prenatal massage. This is not just a job for us…we genuinely care and have a passion to help others relieve stress and pain from this fast-pace society called “LIFE”. We tailor each massage to our clients individual needs!

Make a positive change to enhance the quality of your life through Therapeutic Massage!

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Zulma Ramos, LMT/Owner

Prenatal Massage Therapy


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