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Zulma Massage Therapy is a private massage practice servicing North Ridgeville, OH. We offer services such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, chair massage, trigger point therapy, hot stone therapy and more.
Our approach to massage is very client-centered, so we strive to make the client as comfortable as possible, and our goal is to meet or exceed their expectations.This website features information on our services, how to contact us, about the therapist, and it also makes it possible for you to schedule an appointment online.


Massage Therapy
In this fast paced life that we live in, we are invariably on the lookout of something that can allay and soothe our stress and re-energize us to get back to work with renewed vigor and energy. In comparison to various other health benefits and products offered in the market, the umpteen numbers of benefits of massage therapy stands out a mile. At Zulma Massage Therapy, we provide and offer the finest massage therapies that will help you in improving sleep, purging your bodies of toxins and will lower your blood pressures to significant levels. Massage therapy relieves you of tension, muscle spasms, fatigue, dizziness and enhances your blood circulation. That’s one of the reasons it has come to be widely known as an effective preventative medicine. It dramatically improves your immune system, alleviates muscle soreness which can be caused due to exertion or pushing yourself too hard. In short, massage therapy helps you keep various diseases at bay.

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Trained to perform the following techniques servicing North Ridgeville, Ohio: Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy.